Zion’s Bank 2012 Candidate Questionnaire

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Zion’s Bank 2012 Candidate Questionnaire

1.  Basic Information

Name: Jewel Skousen

Affiliation: Republican

Campaign Website: http://www.jewelskousen.com

2. What elected position are you running for?

Utah House District #52

3. On the political spectrum, how would you best characterize your ideology?

Choices Are: Very Progressive, Mainstream Progressive, Moderate, Mainstream Conservative, Very Conservative, Align yourself with the Tea Party, Other

ANSWER: Very Conservative

4. If elected, what will be your first priority?

Expanding school choice.

5. How important is it to you to follow the direction of your political party leaders?

Choices Are: Very Important, Important, Somewhat Important, Not Important

ANSWER: Somewhat Important

6. Why are you running for public office?

More than anything I am a freedom minded person. I am running because I want to participate, I want to see the principles I believe in, more effectively at work in Utah. I love Utah. My family has a well known and long history of loyalty to this state and to public service and education. My personal background provides me with a unique perspective particularly related to education, family law, and government reform.

7. What do you feel is the most important problem facing Utahns today? (Prioritize 1-10, 1 being the most important. Allow only one response per column)

List of issues provided by survey:

4 – Energy Issues, including Utility & Gasoline Prices

9 – Environmental issues, including Air Quality & Pollution

2 – Federal Government

7 – Higher Education

3 – Immigration

1 – K-12 Education

6 – Public Lands

5 – Taxes and Government Spending 

8 – Transportation and Traffic

10 – Water Supply and Quality

Other Added:  Family Law and Family Court Reform

8. In the last legislative session, bills were passed promoting state takeover of a large share of federal lands in Utah. How do you think state government would perform, overall, as steward and owner of those lands?

Choices are: Would perform better than the federal government, as well as the federal government, worse than the federal government, Don’t know/no opinion

ANSWER:  Would Perform Better than the Federal Government

9. Do you think things in Utah are generally headed in the right direction, or have they gotten off on the wrong track?

Choices: Right Direction or Wrong Direction


When compared to the nation, we have a lot going for us here in Utah. But the better standard is to compare ourselves to where we could be, and where would should be. I’m not one who believes the sky is falling. We have made several serious wrong turns. More often, we simply neglect to make tough decisions, early on. I’m running because there is much that urgently needs to be done on very hard issues related to education (school choice), family law reform, and government oversight / stopping government mismanagement, self dealing, ethical violations and corruption.

10. What Utah political figure do you look to emulate?

My late grandfather Dr. W. Cleon Skousen

11. What is your favorite vacation spot in Utah?

Cedar City (Family Roots).

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