My Families’ Personal Experience & My Motivation

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My Families’ Personal Experience & My Motivation

Recently, a few people have asked me about my personal experience with the government and also about my husband and his current legal fight. These experiences are at the core of why I’m running for office.  The reply below is my response.

For those who are freedom loving patriots, and understand what America – and Utah – is facing today, your support and kind words have been greatly appreciated. I know that in an army of good people, like yourselves, there are those who will stand together and weed out the corruption, no matter what the cost! You will be able to understand and see clearly the words I’ve written and clearly understand my intention here in this reply.

To those who still are struggling with the concept of tyranny vs. liberty and what it looks like, I offer the following advice before you accidentally or unwittingly join the cause of tyranny. THINK before you act. Research before you judge. And ALWAYS stand on the principles of individual freedom, rather than government mobocracy. I offer this reply to help you see more clearly and so that you can discern for yourselves.

Finally to those who have ignorantly passed judgment, pretending to be on the side of liberty, but in fact, ACTing on the side of Tyranny (i.e. George Bekmezian of Herriman, UT) – I say the following:

Two things: 1) You have no idea what you are talking about 2) It’s your kind of snide and ignorant attitude that supports an endless chain of insider politics and encourages a status quo of people who talk in political bromides but who do little or nothing to advance the cause of liberty. 

It is obvious that some individuals are so wrapped in their own prejudice that they can’t see what is written on the wall right in front of their faces! They are literally blinded by their ignorance.

This is how tyranny gains it’s power. This is exactly why it is imperative that people like myself, who have seen and felt FIRST HAND the corruption and heavy handed bureaucratic powers that have the ability to lie, cheat, steel and defame – without consequence and without accountability – stand up!  

Think about it it for a minute, IF you can. 

True freedom loving patriots believe what the Founders talk about repeatedly in their writings: “Innocent until proven guilty.”  If you use your brain (rather than your brainwashing), let me ask you: Why exactly do you think that was so important to them? Do you even study their writings? Have you ever stuck YOUR neck out to truly fight corruption?

What do you think is the consequence for standing up against an enemy? That they will love you and say, “Thank you for pointing out the fact that my powers have destroyed so many lives.” Have you ever owned a business and tried to run it in the State of Utah or anywhere for that matter? Have you ever run into the regulators breathing down your throat and threatening to take over your business under the “gun” of threats saying that if you don’t they will ruin your reputation in the media? 

Again, I know this might be very difficult for some of you – but use your own brain!

Now regarding the common questions about my husband, directly.  First: After 7 years of investigating my husband’s businesses, NO evidence was found that he ever broke the law. Second: When charges were advanced against him by the State, after investigating and reviewing the allegations, Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtliff dismissed that case citing publicly, that the Government had not met it’s burden of proof and provided no evidence of wrong doing. Third: After 3 more years of hearings before Federal Courts, the Government has now ADMITTED that they do not have any victims, that they could not prove the charges of the original indictment, and yet they are still determined to prosecute.  This is all public record for someone who wants to read more than a short article in the Tribune. 

If you are a freedom loving citizen, these FACTS would concern you, and even shock you! 

Why would they do this? Because my husband, had the courage to go on the radio and expose their corruption. In doing so, Carl Wimmer (a former Utah House Legislature who is now running for US Congress) was able to help and convince the State Legislature to do an Audit on the State Department of Commerce, Division of Securities. WHAT DO YOU THINK WAS FOUND?? An independent report confirming “corruption, heavy handed prosecution, violation of citizen’s rights, etc……….” The Director of the Securities Division, Wayne Klien, was forced to step down. 

Today, there is still a woman at the Head of the Department of Commerce named, Francine Ginani. She is one of the most corrupt and divisively anti-business bureaucrats in Utah government.  The current (mostly male) legislature has so-far chickened out in confronting Francine and holding her accountable. In private they openly say what I’ve said, but in public, they are afraid.  Well, I am not afraid of her. I will confront her and any other corrupt bureaucrat.  

Have you seen the recent reports showing Utah’s decline into one of the most unethical and potentially corrupt government’s in the nation?  Or do you only read the propaganda put out by the “all is well” in Utah crowd?  I want to hold the Government Bureaucracy accountable for their Actions! 

This is a large piece of my platform. The Legislature is more than a body of people to pass laws – it is a body of freedom loving citizens who can hold the government accountable for their actions. 

If people believe only what they hear in the media, refuse to do their due diligence (especially before they speak), and live in ignorance and denial of what is happening around them – then tyranny wins. 

Freedom is not for the faint of heart. It cannot be won by weakness. It takes courage to expose the darkness. It takes determination to withstand the onslaught of ignorant criticism. It takes perseverance to pursuade those who do love freedom to THINK. It takes someone who is willing to give their ALL – to take action. 

This is why I’m running. The Government has tried to do all they can to silence their victims. (And there are MANY, not just us.) They have taken away all that they can – but no more! 

It’s time to take a stand against corruption in Utah.  I AM STANDING! Even if this means rotten tomatoes of gossip are thrown, and the decay of weak minded men are exposed by their own useless thoughts and actions. 

I am the only candidate to publish full responses to all of the Utah candidate surveys.  I am also the only candidate to publicly identify family law and government corruption as priorities. 

This is not an easy road I have chosen. This is not an easy decision!!  But I can NOT stand by and watch the State that I LOVE be enthralled in the clutches of poison.  This is not an easy time for America, or for Utah.  I am not alone in feeling these things.  Someone has to do something. Today, in Utah House District #52 – that someone is ME – and those who stand with me. 

I will utilize all the power of persuasion and show the facts to expose and hold accountable the men and woman who are trying to destroy our freedom. 

Am I taking this too personally, do you ask? Sir, tyranny is always personal. 

I am here to fight it.

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  1. I just finished reading The Cleansing of America by you Grandfather Dr. Cleon Skousen! What a great man. I have read many of his books and used to attend some on his constitutional seminars. I wish you luck as you challenge the corruption in this state and country.

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